Family: no charges filed in alleged daycare injuries

Family: no charges filed in alleged daycare injuries

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Between the bleeding and bruising on a little girl, no charges will be filed for the injuries she sustained while at a home daycare.

Little one-year-old Londyn was at a home daycare in Chesterfield, when her grandma got a phone call earlier this month.

At first, she was told the baby was having an allergic reaction. Then that story shifted into the baby getting hurt because she fell outside. Now, she's hearing older kids at the daycare were hitting the baby with toys, causing black eyes amongst other injuries.

"Her eyes were black….swollen beyond measure. And she's got these deep scratches all over her face," Charlette Mosley described how she found her granddaughter at the daycare. She says Londyn spent three days in the trauma center.

"The pictures don't even show the brutality, the bruising, the beating this child took," she said, adding that some injuries remain. Londyn has nightmares and crying fits, she may need glasses and continues to see doctors for a possible bleed to reoccur in her eye.

Chesterfield Police conducted a thorough investigation, working alongside the Commonwealth Attorney's Office. They closed the case this week, finding no evidence that a crime had been committed. No charges will be filed.

"I don't agree with that. I think it's unacceptable. If you're being paid to watch a child, you need to protect that child. You keep an eye on that child, or children, as best as you can," shared Mosley.

She's now working with an advocate to pursue civil charges. She wants to know exactly what happened to her granddaughter and how to prevent it from happening to other children.

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