Toddler out of hospital after incident at Chesterfield home daycare

Toddler out of hospital after incident at Chesterfield home daycare

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Baby Londyn is out of the hospital, but what happened to her remains a mystery.

She had several cuts and bruises on her face and scalp after an incident at a home daycare in Chesterfield.

However, family members are relieved to hear their 1-year-old laughing again, but it is heartbreaking to look into her eyes.

She is loving, precocious, and bright, but the signs are plain to see that little Londyn is not as she once was.

"When she was looking at me, she was saying, 'Grana, why did you leave me there? Why weren't you there to protect me?'" said Charlette Mosley, Londyn's grandmother.

That's how grandmother Charlette Mosely remembers Tuesday when she picked her granddaughter up from daycare. The photos, posted on Facebook, spread to thousands across the country.

"If you zoom in on this picture here, that's the bruising behind her ear," Charlette said.

It's still an unresolved question. What happened?

The home daycare provider, caring for Londyn, said this was an allergic reaction to Benadryl.

However, her grandfather is not believing it. He pointed out cuts and said the 1-year-old has changed.

"She'll be sitting, and she'll just go into a daze," said Mark Mosley, Londyn's grandfather.

The home daycare isn't being named by law enforcement because prosecutors haven't filed charges.

Charlette described the other end of the phone call when she first learned something was wrong.

"Calm, like it was no big deal. It's just a little allergic reaction," Charlette said.

For now, Londyn is getting better, nearing her second birthday on Christmas with family wanting to leave us with one message:

"You know we all have to come together for a child because a child is innocent," Charlette said.

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