Chesterfield church uses Boaz Box to fight hunger in the community

Chesterfield church uses Boaz Box to fight hunger in the community

MATOACA, VA (WWBT) - Many churches throughout the area provide food for those who are hungry. However, the members of Matoaca Christian Fellowship are doing it in a unique way.

For them, part of thinking outside the box includes a box.

"We knew that we needed to do something, and we needed to make a difference," said Pastor Ryan Atchison.

And according to Pastor Atchison, a simple white, wooden box is doing just that.

It is called the Boaz Box, named for a man found in the Bible's Old Testament.

"Boaz was a rich landowner and he had these great fields, and what he would do is he would leave the corners of the field unharvested, so that when people had a need, they could just come and help themselves," said Pastor Atchison.

So, this box is similar to that portion of Boaz's fields. If you need food, you can simply head to the box and help yourself. It is standing in the church's parking lot.

"You don't have to check with anybody first. you don't have to call anybody. Just come by and get it," the pastor remarked. "One of the hard parts about when you have a need is it's hard sometimes to ask for help, and what the Boaz Box does is makes it easy for people who need help to get help without having to jump through a bunch of hoops."

There are lots of items inside the box for people to take, but the Boaz Box is more than just about taking. It is also about giving, and that is what many families in this community have been doing.

"I love it when I pull in the parking lot in the morning, and there's food in here that I didn't put in here," Pastor Atchison said. "The day before because some family has said hey, we've been so blessed, we want to be a blessing to somebody else."

It is a ministry in a small box. Pastor Ryan hopes it sends a big message to the givers and the receivers.

"We give out food and we give out all these things so that we can point people to the one that gives real hope and real help, and that's Jesus," said Pastor Atchison.

"I really want people to know that there's hope. You know, that they are not stuck where they are. That there is hope. It is going to get better."