RESTAURANT REPORT: Health inspector finds dog inside Richmond coffee shop

RESTAURANT REPORT: Health inspector finds dog inside Richmond coffee shop

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A health inspector reported finding a dog inside a Richmond coffee shop. This serves as an important reminder to both restaurant workers and dog owners, as the health department now allows dogs on restaurant patios, but not inside the restaurant.

You can get an artistic latte at Brewer's Cafe at 101 West 12th Street in Richmond's Manchester neighborhood.

"This is my coffee shop," remarked owner A.J. Brewer. "We've been here for 11 months, it will be a year in October.  I'm a former stock broker, quit my job after I had a kid."

Since opening, Brewer's has earned pretty good inspection scores.  But it suddenly had 3 priority violations, 2 priority foundation, and 3 core violations.  The report said there was a dog inside the restaurant, so we talked with the owner.

"That happens occasionally people walking their dog they may come in an order something," explained Brewer, who added that he has to tell customers their dog isn't allowed inside.

"It's something that's kind of tough for people to accept," Brewer shared.

That dog was asked to leave, the report shows.

The health department just started allowing dogs on patios if restaurants meet certain requirements, but they're not allowed inside a restaurant, unless it's a working dog.

Brewer showed us that and other violations were corrected right away.

"This is going to keep us up on our toes to make sure we're doing things the right away," Brewer said.

Up next, Halligan's Bar-B-Q Grill Express at 1080 Lakeridge Parkway had 4 priority violations, plus 3 core violations.

The report says Chipotle macaroni and cheese was not being kept cold enough, and sausage and chili in a cooler should have been thrown out days earlier.

The inspector noted the person in charge threw the foods out and violations were corrected during the inspection.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to Lucy's Restaurant at 404 North 2nd Street in Richmond's Jackson Ward neighborhood.  Lucy's has earned perfect scores on eight health inspections since it opened three years ago.

"We just work hard to keep it clean, we maintain it at a clean level," remarked Jason Lucy. "They work extremely hard to keep us at a high level of cleanliness and preparedness for our customers which we think helps in their overall experience."

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