Months later, family gets reimbursed for damages to car at Amtrak station

Months later, family gets reimbursed for damages to car at Amtrak station

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - A Midlothian family feels they are finally getting justice after their car was severely damaged when a tree fell on it while parked at the Staples Mill train station.

"You helped us get the ball rolling, and you confirmed that we did have a case so I didn't have to make idle threats," said car owner Martin Juergensen.

Jeurgensen showed 12 On Your Side the check he received in the amount of $783.93.  It was months in the making, but he says this is just part of the victory.

"It was beyond the money at this point it was this is right or wrong," Juergensen said.

When Juergensen and his wife returned to the Amtrak Station on the day after Christmas last year,  they found their car severely damaged after a tree, that they believed was dead, had fallen on it. The family's insurance company covered the $8,000 repair, but the family still paid nearly $800 out of pocket for a deductible and rental car fees.

In all fairness, they thought they should be reimbursed for those expenses, but Amtrak had not responded to them and the lot management company, SP Plus Parking, said they weren't liable because it was an act of God.

"Some of my co-workers said you ought to call NBC12," Juergensen said.

Amtrak had replied to NBC12 that their officials were looking into it.

During the investigation, consumer attorney John Gayle said if the Juergensens filed a negligence case against Amtrak, they could stand a chance at winning, but he didn't think it should have to go that far.

"This is the kind of thing for $500 or $800, it's ridiculous; they should go on and pay it,"  Gayle said.

Juergensen says that motivated him to continue calling, waiting and hoping.

Now, nearly nine months later, the family has justice. Juergensen says Amtrak leaned on lot management to do what he thought was the right thing.

"They turned around and asked SP parking to cut us a check and compensate us," Juergensen said. "We weren't asking for the world, just say you should have cut down the dead tree."

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