Petersburg buses operating with expired inspections

Petersburg buses operating with expired inspections

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Drastic action could happen by the end of the week if city buses in Petersburg don't get up to code.

Drivers are concerned because some of the buses are currently operating with expired inspections. Now, some of the drivers are considering grounding those very buses since it isn't just an issue of public safety, it's also a matter of state law.

The bus that covers the Walnut Hill community was operating with an inspection sticker that expired last month.

"Shocked," said neighbor Michael Edwards.

That's because Edwards observed the very same thing earlier in the day. He snapped a photo of another expired inspection on the bus that covers South Crater Road.

"You can't run an illegal vehicle on the street, and it's a government vehicle on top of that," he added.

Police say although officers haven't written any citations yet, that could soon change. They say the drivers, not the city, would be at fault.

"It was told to me today by an employee that if these problems are not corrected, they are planning to stop the buses on Friday until they are corrected," Edwards said.

That's what worries Taylor Culpepper, who rides the bus every day to get to work.

"Supposed the buses get shut down. We won't have a ride to work. A lot of inconveniences could happen," he said.

Just outside his home, another bus rolled by with an expired inspection near Summit Point apartments.

Owners of the Wheel Service Auto Shop, where city vehicles are inspected, say the city has some open balances. The company is still working with Petersburg to get cars and buses up to code. Managers say they were even working on a city car Tuesday.

"It's got to get better. It really does," Culpepper said.

Just like your personal vehicle, city buses are no different. They have to be inspected once a year.

Tuesday morning, NBC 12 reached out to the city of Petersburg for a response. We're awaiting a comment.

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