Juror in McDonnell case 'disappointed' after charges dropped

Juror in McDonnell case 'disappointed' after charges dropped

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The twelve jurors who initially found former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell guilty in 2014 are now digesting the big decision to drop his case once and for all.

Kathleen Carmody, a juror who served from Henrico, says she's frustrated. Carmody truly believed McDonnell and his wife acted unethically when they accepted $175,000 in cash and gifts from businessman Jonnie Williams, who was pushing a diet supplement.

Carmondy said she strongly felt McDonnell crossed the line as an official, and disagrees with the Supreme Court, which overturned the jury's decision. Justices said prosecutors were too broad when it came to the definition of an "official act."

She added that she was wholeheartedly committed to the judicial process during the trial, listening to testimony for the better part of a month and a half.

However, she says she's not completely surprised at how things ultimately turned out either.

"Not shocked but still disappointed. It makes me wonder why we bothered with a trial by jury. I think it stank to high heaven. It smelled. No, I don't think it passed the smell test at all. It wasn't right," said Carmody.

She went on to point out that an enormous amount of time and taxpayer dollars have gone into this case, and she believes that ultimately, those resources can be better used elsewhere.

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