UR student who says she was raped 'speechless' at response

UR student who says she was raped 'speechless' at response

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The University of Richmond student who says an athlete raped her says she's "speechless" at the school's response.

Early Thursday, CC Carreras posted a second article to Huffington Post in response the school's statement after her initial article -- "There's a Brock Turner in all o(UR) lives" -- was shared thousands of times.

She provided "receipts" of emails and letters from staff -- including Dean Daniel Fabian, Associate Dean Patrick Benner and Title IX Coordinator Maura Smith -- as well as her own transcript of a 10-hour hearing about the incident in August 2015.

"I tell you that the Richmond administration did what it had to do to protect him and then I provide a brief overview of all of the ways in which I believe Richmond did just that," she said.

She says after filing several reports the university put the athlete on "restricted access," which means he's only allowed on campus for class and athletics and that the school ordered no contact between the two.

On Wednesday afternoon, the school said it was "deeply saddened to read in a commentary in the Huffington Post yesterday about the pain felt by one of our students, and to hear echoes of that pain from other community members. Some of you have reached out to us, and we are grateful that you have done so – we are here to listen and provide help and support."

UR also says that federal law prevents the school from sharing details about specific reports.

"Sexual misconduct is an issue that affects all campuses across the nation," the statement said, "and we are working to care for those affected and to reduce instances here at the University of Richmond, with the goal of eliminating sexual misconduct altogether."

Carreras says the school's response is calling her a "liar" and left her "speechless."

"We are #OneRichmond - the administration does not get to take away the community that Richmond, the place, gave us," she wrote. "It does not get to take away the anger that so many feel towards an administration that would defend my Brock Turner and choose to call me a liar instead."

In her two articles, Carreras did not name the person who she says raped her.

On Thursday, UR has a previously scheduled annual event -- "It Ends Now: A Culture of Share Responsibility" -- to discuss sexual assaults.

The event gets underway at 6:30 p.m. in the Alice Haynes Room.

A petition for a Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Center at the University of Richmond had nearly 1,500 signatures Thursday afternoon.

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