Save more with these top cash back sites for online shopping

Save more with these top cash back sites for online shopping

Shoppers looking for a bargain often look online to find good deals. If you spend your money online at stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target, you could be getting money back.

How much did you spend on Amazon last year? If you had visited before buying, you'd have 10 percent of what you spent back in your pocket.

"A lot of shoppers think they're just too good to be true, and they kind of stay away thinking that maybe they are a scam, but they're absolutely not," said's Kyle James.

Retailers offer a sales commission to these cash-back sites. The site keeps part and gives you the rest.

"There's some sites out there right now who advertise that they give all of their commission back to the users," said James. "One that jumps to mind is"

James says their profit comes from advertising and website placement. With more than 3500 merchants, topcashback boasts one of the largest payouts. Your cash arrives via PayPal or direct deposit. Opt for a gift card payout and you can get three percent more.

BeFrugal, Ebates, Mr. Rebates and MainStreetShares - all cashback sites that operate the same way, but what you get back will vary from site to site. Sites like Swagbucks and MyPoints give you points instead of cash.

"For every dollar you spend at Amazon, they'll give you 10 points then you use those points and redeem them for gift cards," James explains.

These sites are competing with each other for your business. James says BeFrugal will not only match the competition, they'll tack on another 25 percent bonus. Some sites offer new member sign-on bonuses - plus even more for referrals. Most have coupons you can stack to maximize your rebate.

"If you can get a 20-percent off coupon on top of seven or eight percent back, that's almost 30 percent back. It adds up," said James.

So which do you choose? James has made it simple: he's got the breakdown of popular retailers and sites that give you the most money back.

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