Virginia’s NASA Wallops Flight Facility sets Guinness World Record

Virginia’s NASA Wallops Flight Facility sets Guinness World Record

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia and NASA's Wallops Flight Facility have captured the eye of Guinness World Records as the facility set a world record for the most rocket engines fired on a single flight!

According to NASA, Wallops sounding rocket team conducted a mission that included the firing of 44 rocket engines. When that rocket took off on September 16, 2015, it set the world record.

NASA shared the news on their website Thursday.

"Being recognized by Guinness World Records for this achievement is icing on the cake for the entire team. To successfully carry out this mission required great planning from everyone involved," remarked Phil Eberspeaker, Office Chief for the Sounding Rocket Program.

NASA's sounding rocket program provides a fast, cost-effective way of conducting science through suborbital missions. Each sounding rocket carries a payload with a very specific experiment. Science conducted and instruments flown may be used in the development of other space science missions.

CARE II was led by Paul A. Bernhardt with the Naval Research Lab, or NRL, in Washington, DC, and conducted from the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway

Although the rocket carried an NRL experiment, Wallops had a big hand in the mission. The team implementing the NRL concept for the multi-rocket-motor dust release module and leading the construction of CARE II are at Wallops.

Chuck Brodell, Sounding Rocket Program vehicle manager, said he doesn't anticipate Wallops breaking this record again in the near future, but "you never know what's down the pike."

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