Randy Forbes loses primary after redrawn congressional map

Published: Jun. 14, 2016 at 10:14 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 15, 2016 at 1:08 AM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (AP) - U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes is the first casualty of a newly redrawn Virginia congressional map.
Forbes lost a sharp-elbowed primary against Scott Taylor, a state House delegate and former Navy SEAL, in Virginia's defense-heavy Hampton Roads area.
The race was marked by its negative tone, with Taylor accusing Forbes of acting "cowardly" and "abandoning" his former constituents. At issue: Forbes' decision to run in the 2nd, rather than the 4th Congressional District he's represented for 15 years. Forbes made the move after a federal panel of judges ordered Virginia's congressional map to be redrawn, making his district far less friendly to Republicans.
Taylor was vastly outspent by Forbes, who played up his seniority on House budget matters, particularly on defense spending.

Member Senate of Virginia (001) - 52 precincts of 52 (100.00%) reporting

Candidate Votes Percent
T. Monty Mason  3,498 57.47%
Shelly A. Simonds 2,589 42.53%

Member House of Representatives (04) - 259 precincts of 259 (99.61%) reporting

Candidate Votes Percent
A. Donald McEachin 11,837 74.83%
Ella P. Ward 3,981 25.17%

Member House of Representatives (02) - 180 precincts of 180 (100.00%) reporting

Candidate Votes Percent
C. Pat Cardwell IV 2,773 6.81%
J. Randy Forbes 16,553 40.64%
Scott W. Taylor 

Member House of Representatives (04) - 259 precincts of 259 (100.00%) reporting

Candidate Votes Percent
Michael L. "Mike" Wade  4,988 64.17%
Jackee K. Gonzalez  2,785 35.83%

Member House of Representatives (06) - 244 precincts of 244 (100.00%) reporting

Candidate Votes Percent
Robert W. "Bob" Goodlatte  18,981 77.82%
Harry Griego  5,410 22.18%