Vigil to be held for child on life support

Vigil to be held for child on life support

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A vigil is being held Wednesday for a 2-year-old girl who is fighting for her life at VCU Medical Center after choking on a popcorn kernel.

Little Mirranda Grace has been on life support for two weeks.  Her family wants to keep her on life support, but doctors say she is brain dead.

However, the family is not giving up hope. They asking the community to come to the vigil, hoping to gain support. The family is hoping for people to rally behind them, against a brain death test that the hospital wants to perform on their child.

The hospital has asked to perform that test, citing Miranda is unresponsive and has no signs of brain stem function, which controls breathing.

Doctors say, at this point, machines are keeping the child alive. Mirranda's father will not allow doctors to perform a test without a court order.

Mirranda's dad and his family are hoping for a miracle, that Miranda Grace just needs time to recover. Doctors say the tests will prove Miranda Grace is brain dead.

The family will be back in court on Thursday.

The vigil is being held at VCU Medical Center at 7:30 p.m.

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