India mandates all phones to have 'panic button' to protect women

India mandates all phones to have 'panic button' to protect women

INDIA (WWBT) India has passed a new regulation requiring all mobile phones to have a "panic button" by 2017, according to CNN.

The button is intended to protect women and prevent rape. Manufacturers must also have GPS in all phones by 2018.

"Pressing the button will alert the police and designated friends/relatives, for immediate response in case of distress or security related issues," said politician Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Reaction to the regulation on social media is mixed. Some say it misses the point.

"We have a cultural problem with the way we treat women. This is shooting the wrong deer," said Nawaz Gaffoor.

"The authority still deserves an honest acclamation for enacting and enforcing this basic, standardized yet sensible mechanism to facilitate a bit more safety for their women," said Nadia Wazed.

"What good is a 'panic button' when the police show up 2 hours late, or rape the woman themselves or let the people go because they are relatives to a MP or some government official or paid to keep there mouth shut," said Robinson Christian. "Technology is not the problem...the culture of treating women like they are inferior or not humans is the problem."

One common criticism is that telling women to use a "panic button" is akin to victim shaming and places the responsibility on the wrong people.

The new regulation follows a high-profile case from December 2012 where six men brutally gang-raped a woman in Delhi. The woman died from her injuries.

Four of the men in the case were sentenced to death. A fifth man died in police custody and a juvenile was sentenced to a maximum sentence at a reform facility.

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