McAuliffe wants to keep lethal injection drug suppliers secret

McAuliffe wants to keep lethal injection drug suppliers secret

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Gov. Terry McAuliffe says pharmacies that supply lethal injection drugs to the state should remain secret.

The governor proposed the change Monday to a bill that allows the state to force condemned inmates to die in the electric chair when the lethal injection drugs aren't available.

The Democratic governor says the bill would mean that private contractors could make lethal injection drugs and protect their identity.

"These amendments deliver a valid path forward to continue Virginia's capital punishment policy," McAuliffe said Monday on Twitter.

House Bill 815 says the state must make "reasonable efforts to procure the lethal substances necessary to perform execution by lethal injection," but the electric chair can be used if the drugs aren't available.

"Our citizens share my concerns and do not wish to be forced into using this terrible form of punishment," said McAuliffe.

For drug companies' identities to become secret, the Republican-controlled General Assembly has to approve the amendment in a special session on April 20.

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