Inspections are still on-going at 'problem plagued' apartment complex

Inspections are still on-going at 'problem plagued' apartment complex

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The City of Richmond is not through with a problem-plagued apartment complex on the Southside.

Ashton Square Apartments has been dealing with hot water problems. On Thursday, we've learned inspectors still have a close eye on the apartment complex.

Councilman Parker Agelasto said Wednesday night that it has been a slow process, but he feels the city is making progress. Tenant Tatyana Fadeeva sued Ashton Square and KRS Holdings and says she had to fight hard to get a refund.

Fadeeva says she lived from last August to February with no hot water at Ashton Square Apartments. She decided to play hardball and sue when KRS Holdings stated there would be no water or rent refund. Fadeeva says she asked questions like why were they were taking two months out of the water reimbursement. In response, she says they asked her, "Oh, so you didn't use any of the water at all?" She said, "I didn't literally like flush $100 down the toilet in a month."

Fadeeva couldn't believe they put up a fight, but she says Ashton Square decided to settle after she started paying her rent to a court managed escrow account. "They will give me my rent back for one month that I put in escrow and they they're going to give me the water money, a pretty good reimbursement."

She moved to a new apartment away from Ashton Square and says she's glad she called NBC12. "You all are the ones that helped get this whole process started."

Tenants say the worst part was when KRS Holdings falsely sounded the alarm that buildings would be condemned and tenants forced to move on short notice. The city had no intentions it says to condemn but it would hold Ashton Square accountable and called the notice inaccurate and intentionally inflammatory. Tenants have hot water now, but councilman Agelasto says the inspectors are going through every building and apartment looking for other violations that need addressing, including overflowing dumpsters spilling trash into neighboring communities and Reedy Creek.

Some of those neighbors are right now in discussions with the city about spillover problems. Tom Walsh lives near Ashton Square and says, "The worst thing for me obviously gun shots. It's indicative of a greater problem, gunshots would only occur in an area where you felt you could get away with shooting a gun. Bullets come down and it's all too frequent."

Once again, we reached out to the managers at KRS Holdings several times for comment, but we have not heard back.

We're told the city had a group of people on site at Ashton Square last week inspecting the property. We'll let you know more as this story develops.

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