Police say 3 men stole 20 iPods from Chesterfield Walmart

Police say 3 men stole 20 iPods from Chesterfield Walmart

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield Police are searching for three suspects who stole 20 iPods in February from the Walmart in Chattanooga Plaza Shopping Center on Hull Street Road.

The Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers unit says the suspects broke into a locked iPod case at 3:15 p.m. Feb. 20 and stole 20 iPods by concealing them in their clothing.

The suspects are described as black males in their late 20s to early 30s.

Cpl. Kevin Bacon with Crime Solvers says the three can be seen on surveillance video heading directly to the electronics department.

"What you soon saw was one of the male subjects actually bends down and was manipulating, somehow, the door to the cabinet where the iPods were. The other two were standing as look outs for the one trying to get into the cabinet," said Bacon.

Eventually, they did get into the locked case. Over the next 30 minutes they managed to take at least 20 iPods and walked out of the store without anyone seeing their crime, or stopping them.

"When someone steals multiple items, it is very possible they intend to sell those items," said Bacon, warning the public to be on the look-out for deals that seem "too good to be true."

You could get charged with possession of stolen property if police believe you knew you were buying a stolen item.

Crime Solvers says in a news release that "if a person tries to offer you a great deal on one of these types of devices, don't be afraid to ask questions. Getting a deal that you know is too good to be true can get you in as much trouble as the thieves who made the deal possible."

If you have any information, contact Crime Solvers at (804) 748-0660.

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