Searching for person who shot goose with bow and arrow in Chesterfield

Searching for person who shot goose with bow and arrow in Chesterfield
Source: Richmond Wildlife Center
Source: Richmond Wildlife Center

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield Animal Services is investigating after a Canada Goose was shot with a bow and arrow.

Officials with the Richmond Wildlife Center say the goose was shot in the vicinity of Waterford Lake Drive and Charter Colony Parkway near Genito Road. This is not far from Strayer University, Alstom, the Food Lion-anchored shopping center and Colonial Village at Waterford apartment homes.

The arrow tore straight into the goose, causing mostly superficial wounds and cause nerve damage. While it didn't pierce any vital organs, the injury did make it immediately impossible to fly. The goose was stuck in the water near Waterford Lake Drive, which created an infection and also kept the bird from eating.

"When you're in a lot of pain, you don't feel like eating, you feel crummy. So, as a result, she or he, was not eating enough, there's not enough muscle mass on the bird," said Melissa Stanley with the Richmond Wildlife Center, who is treating the goose.

The goose was rushed into surgery to remove the arrow, where surgeons also found it had been shot by an air-rifle gun. This leads the Richmond Wildlife Center to believe this wasn't a hunting arrow, and could be an animal cruelty case.

"So long as we don't have any muscle or nerve damage that will affect its flight, which we will be testing over the next few weeks, we hope to get this goose back out to its mate," said Stanley.

Canada geese are known to mate for life. On the Richmond Wildlife Center's Facebook page, the team explained it tried to capture the injured goose's mate so they won't be separated. The capture was unsuccessful, but they are still watching the mate, hoping to reunite them soon.

"The mate is banded with a federal band, so that means they are migratory, meaning they're not the resident geese people complain about," said Stanley.

She added that since the Richmond Wildlife Center doesn't receive federal funding, it is looking for people to sponsor the care of the goose. You can donate directly on the center's website.

If you witnessed this goose being shot or have information on who may be practicing archery in the vicinity, call Chesterfield Animal Services at (804) 748-1683. Tips can be left for officers in the voice mail system at any time.

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