Hot water returns to Ashton Square; building passes inspection

Hot water returns to Ashton Square; building passes inspection

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tenants in the Ashton Square apartment complex in south Richmond say hot water returned Wednesday after months without any, but dozens of residents were seen moving out anyway.

But on the morning of moving day, the hot water was back on. However, frustrated former residents were still packing up.

There were several moving trucks in the parking lot, including one belonging to Sarah Kruass, who lived in building 621. She said she is moving back home after being told by management that her building would be condemned. "There are no words to describe how frustrating this has been," she said.

After months of complaints and a series of stories by the On Your Side investigators, plumbers fixed the problem and the building passed a city inspection. "It has created a lot of suffering for  a lot of these residents," said Lester Baccas, who also lives in building 621. He took his chances and stayed, but spent the morning saying goodbye to neighbors. "If something needs to be done, fix it and take care of it," he said. "It should have never gotten to this point."

Parker Moving Company helped people pack up. "We're offering them half price to move, and some people they just don't have it. We're moving them for free," said owner Arthur Parker. "We're just here to help serve our community."

City inspectors said the building at the center of attention passed inspection and will not be condemned. This led to an injunction against property manager KRS Holdings being dismissed.

Over the weekend, KRS Holdings posted a letter to some tenants warning them to be prepared to move out by Wednesday should the city condemn the buildings.

City representatives say they have  no intention of throwing people out on the street in the dead of winter and calls the notice "wildly inaccurate" and  "inflammatory."

This headache isn't over. People want this month's rent back and said they're making sure KRS Holdings pays up.

NBC12 On Your Side Investigators spotted several construction trucks on Tuesday appearing to make progress toward repairs.

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