Gun control advocates take on Gov. McAuliffe's gun deal

Gun control advocates take on Gov. McAuliffe's gun deal

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Gun control advocate Andy Parker and his team delivered a petition of 3,000 signatures to the governor's office Thursday asking Gov. McAuliffe (D) to ditch a historic gun deal and stop recognizing concealed carry permits from states with weaker standards.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe defended his historic gun compromise, which expands concealed-carry permit rights in exchange for two new gun control measures.

"There is no evidence that anyone with a concealed carry permit has ever harmed anyone in Virginia," McAuliffe said in an interview Wednesday. "But I do know that people have been killed with protective orders."

Parker said McAuliffe's argument is flat wrong, with some people who have little training or assault convictions able to carry across state lines. "If we do open this up to states with concealed carry permits, where all you have to do is fog a mirror to get a concealed carry, then you're going to open up a can of worms."

"The question I would ask is if it was a meaningful deal, why is it that the NRA and their local minions are the only ones who are celebrating?" Parker asked. "Overall, I think it's a step backwards. It is, it's a step backwards."

The deal is likely to pass in the next few weeks, expanding concealed carry permit rights.

As for what will Parker do now? He said he'll still keep fighting to honor his daughter Allison. "She touched lives all over the country and the world. We continue to do what we do to ensure her legacy and make the world a better place, but for her."

The compromise is expected to pass both houses, before the session adjourns March 12. This will be the first change in 23 years to Virginia's gun laws.

And for the first time Thursday, Attorney General Mark Herring came out against the governor's deal with legislators, but stressing "the urgent work of reducing gun violence must continue."

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