Richmond man walks 100+ miles for veterans

Richmond man walks 100+ miles for veterans

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond man will begin a 100 mile trek from the war memorial to Arlington National Cemetery Friday morning. Victor Wise plans to make the trip in just 48 hours and does it to honor veterans and military personnel.

"It's just our effort to say thank you," said Wise.

With only a backpack, good shoes, and an American flag waving high, The 31 year-old old takes off up Route 1 from Richmond's War Memorial on Belvidere Street to Arlington National Cemetery more than 100 miles away.

No matter what the conditions or how tired he gets, Wise goes straight through in 48 hours, only stopping for quick breaks and picking up enough attention that others even join in.

"I wanted to do something to really show my gratitude, to really say, wow this guy's either crazy or he's really wanting to make a point," said Wise.

His point is to simply say thanks to our veterans like his father, who was a first sergeant in the National Guard, and remind people what they've
done for our country.

"We forget to say thank you to those who provide us with the freedom of not having to worry about our liberties taken away from us," said Wise.

Friday, Wise will embark on his third journey to Arlington, this time with a couple of friends by his side and now with a big following online. But it all just began with a challenge for himself.

"I wanted to do something extreme, something to push my limits too to see what I was capable of doing," said Wise.

Now he's hoping by pushing his limits he'll push others to do the same.

"I was hoping it would inspire others to say, if he can do that, I can at least say thanks or at least buy someone a drink or whatever the case may be,"
said Wise.

Wise leaves at 7:30 a.m. Friday and should be there by Sunday morning. He says anyone is welcome to join in.

If you'd like to follow the journey online:
Facebook: Freedom Ruck
Instagram: @freedomruck 
Twitter: @freedomruck 

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