VCU worker says "no" to flu shot, faces termination

VCU worker says "no" to flu shot, faces termination

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A VCU Medical Center employee, who asked to remain anonymous, will lose her job if she doesn't get a flu shot.

She says she followed procedure to request a medical exemption and had her physician recommend against her getting the vaccine because it could be dangerous to her health, and the hospital denied her request.

"I'm being faced with the idea of either, losing my position, being terminated, or going against my physicians wishes and having the flu vaccine," the employee says.

She says she won't get the vaccine and also says VCU Medical Center isn't giving her any answers as to why her medical exemption is denied. "I put in a call to HR, and it hasn't been returned yet." She says all of this is happening just days before the deadline. "I was just notified of this the day before Thanksgiving."

She says the Medical Center's policy states that any employees who aren't vaccinated or exempt from vaccination will go on unpaid leave as of Dec 1. If those employees are still unvaccinated by Jan. 1, they're fired. "It's scary," the employee said. "I have a family. We are like a normal family. We are not rich. We need me to be employed."

VCU sent a statement that says, "VCU Health offered several free and convenient vaccine clinics for team members to receive the vaccination. A preservative-free and egg-free vaccine is also available."

The statement did not address the unpaid leave or potential termination.

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