Chesterfield family reveals hidden health risk

Chesterfield family reveals hidden health risk

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - An accident which almost claimed the lives of four people could potentially save the life of one father.

Dylan Kidwell was a passenger in his work truck last Friday as his crew traveled back from an out-of-town project. He was sleeping in the front seat when another car suddenly crossed over the median and slammed into the vehicle.

"I remember the guy driving the car kind of yelled and I woke up and the car hit us head on," Kidwell recalled following the accident.

Emergency responders told him his injuries could have been much more severe, if he had been awake. Since he was sleeping until the driver yelled out, he didn't have time to tense up.

"They told me if that had happened, I probably would have been ejected," Kidwell shared.

The collision knocked him unconscious. His co-workers were in a second work truck and also got struck. They were able to get Kidwell and the driver out of the vehicle, pulling them out onto the road until emergency responders got there.

He suffered from a broken nose and a fractured forehead. However, it was at the hospital that he received a dire diagnosis from doctors.

"When they did the CT scan they found a tumor in my brain," Kidwell said. He explained the tumor was 2.5 centimeters in diameter and doctors are monitoring any growth. "I have to see a neurosurgeon on Thursday. It may be benign or it could be cancer and they have to do surgery on it."

With two young twins, Kidwell worries about the future diagnosis.

"I got two kids that I have to be here with. Hopefully, it won't be cancer," Kidwell said, as he held his two-year-old son. He can't work until he is cleared by the doctor. "Usually, I work six days a week. 48 hours or more."

Kidwell said. He added that without working, his family of four has no income. Less than a month before his accident, his fiancé also got into a car wreck.

"Her whole right side of her body is messed up. She had screws and a steel rod going through from her shoulder to elbow so she really can't work right now," Kidwell said. That accident totaled the family's only vehicle. "We won't have a car for another few months. Hopefully I can get back to work to buy one."

Added to the financial stress of daily needs and the emotional weight of getting that tumor tested, is knowing Christmas is right around the corner, and finding a way to provide for his family during the holidays.

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