Henrico Pagan family denies race war after FBI arrests

Published: Nov. 11, 2015 at 5:24 AM EST|Updated: Nov. 21, 2015 at 12:45 PM EST
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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two of the suspects accused of trying to bomb local churches and synagogues claim ties to a Pagan religion called Asatru. A local Pagan family is looking to set the record straight on this supposed race war.

According to federal documents, Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney were part of a white supremacy extremist version of the Asatru faith. They allegedly planned a shooting or bombing of local black churches and Jewish synagogues.

"That this is not the Norse Religion," said Bryan Wilson of the Pagan faith. "This is not the Asatru. We don't preach hatred."

Odin and the God of Thunder, Thor, are not just characters in a movie for Wilson. They are the very pillars of his Norse religion...warriors, not murderers...says Wilson.

"We're not about destroying other religions or hurting people," said Wilson. "Especially not because of the color of their skin. This is kind of ridiculous. It is very ridiculous."

Wilson says the only way to get into heaven for those of the Asatru faith is to die in battle, but he says there is no religious declaration of a race war.

"And if there is going to be a fight, it is a one-on-one fight where there is equal parts," said Wilson. "I don't see anything equal about running in and dropping off a bomb. You're not getting into Valhalla by creating a cowardly act like that. It's just not going to happen. And Valhalla is our heaven."

Wilson keeps books outlining the teachings of the religion in his home.

"Nowhere in any of our writing does it say if you're black, this doesn't apply to you," said Wilson.

Wilson insists Doyle and Chaney were lone warriors following their own path.

"You can blame the religion all you want, but the religion doesn't tell people to do things like that," said Wilson. "That's someone's decision that they made on their own, and they just happen to be Asatru."

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