Amtrak train evacuated due to suspicious package in Fredericksburg

Amtrak train evacuated due to suspicious package in Fredericksburg

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Several hours of headaches for Amtrak passengers forced to wait in Fredericksburg, while police investigate a suspicious package.  

The scare actually started a short time before at the Staples Mill station in Henrico. That's where police say a man tried to leave his luggage behind on a platform. A conductor told the man that wasn't allowed, so the passenger picked up his luggage and took it on board the train.

However, the conductor was suspicious, so everyone had to get off when the train stopped in Fredericksburg.

"The suspect stayed on the train and, about an hour into the investigation, came out voluntarily with the package. When he was asked to d rop the package, he voluntarily did." Sarah Kirkpatrick with the Fredericksburg Police Department says.

He was questioned and taken into custody. Passengers were allowed to get back on the train that eventually did headed to New York, but not everyone made the trip as planned.

"We had a meeting at 1 o'clock, so we will not be in Wilmington by that time," passenger Srebad Bagwat says. "We are heading back to Richmond." 

However, he calls the inconvenience a minor one.

"It's an inconvenience, but it's a good thing what they do cause it's for public safety which is good."Bagwat said.

The man's bag was searched, and only personal items were found inside. Police have determined no crime was committed.

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