Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond speaks on Pope Francis' visit to U.S.

Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond speaks on Pope Francis' visit to U.S.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Bishop Francis DiLorenzo is no stranger to papal visits. He's been around for nearly half a dozen of them and each time he looks to the trip as a catalyst for change within Catholic communities.

"Maybe the visit here will stimulate people to think a little about some of the needs here in the greater Richmond area.," Bishop Francis DiLorenzo said. He believes there are great needs in the Richmond Catholic community, citing economic and education challenges that are increasingly becoming bigger problems.

"It's my job as Bishop, I feel inspired by what he has to say about taking care of the poor to do something about the education system here in the diocese of Richmond," DiLorenzo said.

Already, DiLorenzo says he is looking into ways to keeping children who want to learn in Catholic schools. The Bishop says they are even looking into providing scholarships to those who can't afford to give their children a Catholic education.

All in all it aligns with Pope Francis' overall vision. DiLorenzo says that's why this trip is so important- Catholics need to get to know the Pope and he wants to know and understand people in Catholic communities.

"The significance of his visit is, he is a good bishop he wants to get out there and understand so when he speaks to people in his capacity that he actually has something to say and it resonates," Bishop DiLorenzo said.

Bishop DiLorenzo will be attending the canonization mass on Wednesday at Catholic University.

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