Pursuit ends with car smashing through UCI barricade

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A police pursuit was caught on camera by multiple spectators of the Richmond 2015 cycling events Sunday afternoon.

Richmond Police officers tried to flag down a car that was driving erratically on the Monument Ave. part of the race course at about 1:30 p.m.  Officers say they tried to stop the car, but the driver kept going.

The chaos erupted out of nowhere, leaving nearby spectators in a frenzy.

"We were very concerned," spectator Christy Lantz says.

That's because just before the crash, she saw a black Camaro traveling along Monument where cars are not allowed during the Richmond 2015 races.

"It zoomed past our house and made a very aggressive U-turn and went the other way," she says. "We said, 'That's the end of that. They'll take care of that.' But then we saw him coming back down again."

There were at least three police cars behind him.

"You could tell they're clearly chasing him," witness John Rockecharlie says.

Then all of a sudden, came that startling moment.

"He just made a 45 degree turn right into the barricades and drove right through them," Lantz recalls.

Police took the driver into custody.  Michael G. Sciolino of Mechanicsville was charged with driving under the influence, felony eluding, felony hit and run and resisting arrest.

Police say he almost ran officers over during the entire ordeal.  One cop suffered minor injuries and a police car was damaged in the process.

It's unclear if any cyclists or spectators were injured in the incident.

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