Ricky Gray juror claims jury knew of Gray's drug use

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A juror on the 2006 Ricky Gray case speaks out after claims from the defense team that the jury didn't know Gray was high on drugs at the time of the Harvey family murders.

"It was a totally dignified trial," the juror who only wants to be identified as "Carole" says.
Carole says she was one of 12 jurors in the trial of Ricky Gray back in 2006, where he was found guilty of murdering the Harvey family in their Richmond home and sentenced to death.
"We were just hanging on every word," Carole says.

She describes the nearly two week trial as a heart wrenching process, hearing the gruesome details of the murders of Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their two young children, Stella and Ruby.

"Some of the jurors cried, tears ran down their cheeks," she says.

But Carole says the actual decision to convict him took no time at all.

"When we went back into the jury room it was, yeah he's guilty." Carole says. "It took 15 minutes."

In the 9 years since the sentencing, there have been efforts to avoid the ultimate punishment, the latest on Tuesday, when Gray's defense team claims he didn't get a fair trial. They say the jury wasn't aware he and an accomplice were high on PCP at the time of the killings.

"There's a question about whether jurors knew about the extensiveness of the drug binge that Dandridge and Gray were on at the time and whether it was sufficiently explained the impact the drugs had on their behavior," Defense Attorney Robert Lee says.

"Oh that's not true," Carole says, who claims the jury knew of Gray's drug use very well. "We discussed his drug use. We discussed that he was high. I know that we considered it when we gave the death penalty."

With or without drugs, Carole says Gray was responsible for these murders and hopes the punishment is carried out.

"What has happened in this world to person responsibility? He's responsible for taking the drugs. He's responsible for killing these people," she says. "I believe that his sentence was just."
Gray's lawyers want the case to go back to a lower court to give him another shot at sentencing.

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