Restaurant Report: inadequately cooling food

When restaurants cool food off after cooking, the Health Department requires that it be cooled down to 135 - 70 degrees within two hours, and down to 41 degrees within 6 hours total.

It might sound picky, but the Health Department says the bacteria that can start growing on food sitting in the temperature danger zone is a major contributing factor to food borne illness. 

A cooling problem was one of the four critical violations and seven non-critical at El Paso Mexican Restaurant at 13245 Rittenhouse Drive in Chesterfield. The inspection report says a pan of shredded chicken hadn't been adequately cooled to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.  So the operator threw it out. When the inspector returned two weeks later, everything was correct except for one new critical violation.  Some scallops, raw chicken, and salsa were not cold enough, so they were refrigerated.

And Wah Wah Chinese Restaurant at 8243 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield had 4 critical violations. The inspector noted raw chicken and beef in the cookline maketable were not kept cold enough.  The operator threw them out.