Richmond company intros device to prevent hot car deaths

Updated: Jun. 24, 2015 at 5:00 PM EDT
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Just this week, a child died after being left in a hot car in Baltimore. That makes eight child deaths in hot cars in the U.S. so far this year.

It's an unspeakable tragedy. says about 37 children die each year after being left in hot cars, and 53 percent of them are caused by parents or caregivers forgetting the child was there. 

A new Richmond business has invented a device they hope will help prevent these deaths.

The Lollipop Precious Cargo device is meant to help prevent these deaths. It's being a launched by a new Richmond startup called Ebit Creative.

Ebit Creative CEO Tommy Lesperance showed us how Lollipop PC works. "It's as simple as downloading an app from the app store," he said.

The app walks you through how to sync the Lollipop to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. Then you can attach the Lollipop to your child's clothing or car seat. "We can latch it to a car seat and the baby or infant won't be messing with it," Lesperance said. 

Then you set the distance where you want the alarm to go off if you walk away from the car while the child is still in it. We set it for just a few feet.

"As you can see, as I walk away, not only is my phone alarming, but also the device inside the vehicle is alarming as well," Lesperance said, demonstrating how the app works.

You can also use the Lollipop PC to make sure your child doesn't wander too far away from you. Again, put the device on your child. As the child goes off to play, the alarm will sound when the child wanders out of a distance range you can set.

You can use Lollipop PC to track items you might lose, too.

Said Lesperance, "If you have it on your key chain and use your phone, you can track it by an audible sound to find it. You can also use it in your luggage and pets. It works great with pets."

Ebit Creative hopes the Lollipop PC will not only save you from losing things, but will help to save lives.

Right now Lollipop PC works on iPhones, but they're developing an Android app, as well. You can order them through the company website for about $30.

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