Chesterfield mom: Toddler bloody and bruised at daycare

Chesterfield mom: Toddler bloody and bruised at daycare
(Source: KMOV/CNN)

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield mother says her two-year-old son came home from daycare bleeding and bruised. Little Nathan goes to the Goddard School at Woodlake. Mom says no one can tell her what happened.

"I said baby are you okay?" recalls concerned mom Krystle Churchill. "What happened?"

There appears to be black ink from a pen at the top of the scar that travels the length of Nathan's chest and stomach.

"It was like someone took it and just dug down," said Churchill. "And then I looked over to the teacher and she just looked back at me, and I said what happened to my son?"

"I don't know," replied the teacher says Churchill.

The Goddard School at Woodlake owner, Thomas Bullock, released the following statement:

"On Tuesday, 5/1, The Goddard School located in Woodlake made an observation in one of it's classrooms. The observation was of a student who had just arrived. The student asked to go to the bathroom very shortly after his arrival. (After his arrival and up to the point he went to the bathroom, he was closely supervised by the teacher.) The teacher immediately observed a scratch on the student's torso as she assisted the student. The observation was immediately documented. The student arrived at 7:50 AM. The observation was several minutes after 8 AM."

Mom still has questions.

"If that were the case," said Mom. "They should have called me. I probably had not even gotten out of the parking lot. His undershirt had blood on it. So he was just bleeding all day long. No one told me anything. He had red marks all up and down both sides of his arms like someone had just grabbed him."

Churchill says this all happened one day after the family entered their two week notice to leave. Mom says she decided to remove her son immediately after this incident.

"This is my two-year-old. This is my baby," said Churchill. "And I'm entrusting the school to watch him, and I pick him up and he's hurt. He can't talk. He can't tell anyone. He can't say what happened."

Mom says the only thing she has gotten from the school is a bill for the remaining balance. She says she has contacted social services. Stay with NBC12 for updates.

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