Chesterfield parent advocate arrested at Meadowbrook High

Chesterfield parent advocate arrested at Meadowbrook High

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The NAACP plans to fight trespassing charges filed against a parent advocate who was attending an Individualized Education Program meeting.

Chesterfield school leaders say Kandise Lucas was aware she was banned, but she says she came to the meeting to help a family at the center of a federal investigation just launched at the school.

"It is not fair to any parent," said Michelle Williams, who Lucas was working with as an advocate when she was arrested at the IEP meeting with Meadowbrook High School leaders on Wednesday.

"She put those cuffs on for my son. She didn't have to put those cuffs on for my son. She could have just walked away," said Williams.
'But it needs to be put out far these school systems are willing to go to keep their dirt and the lack of education they are imposing on these children."

Williams' 18-years-old son, Richard, has special needs. She says Richard has regressed while at Meadowbrook.

"To the point where I have to bathe him," said Williams. "To the point where he is coming home and crying. He will convert from being 18 to 2-years-old."

Michelle was meeting with school leaders to request her son be transferred to another school. School leaders say Lucas was arrested because she has been banned since 2011. She is accused of recording IEP meetings and refusing to hand over the audio to the school.

"If I'm such a threat," said Lucas holding school passes in her hand, "how was I able to attend these meetings?"

Despite that supposed ban, Lucas says she was given school issued passes in February and March of this year for similar meetings.

"The only threat that I pose to Chesterfield County is that I know my rights," said Lucas. "And I empower our parents to know their rights."

Lucas helped Williams craft a complaint that lead to a federal investigation being launched into allegations of mistreatment of Michelle's son.

"This is retaliation," said Lucas.

Marty Jewell, chair of the Richmond NAACP education committee, was shocked to actually witness the arrest.

"I've been everywhere but the electric chair. I've seen everything but the wind," said Jewell. "I have never seen anything like this. Ever."

He says there is only one way to describe the arrest.

"Idiocy," said Jewell. "Idiocy that you would think anybody who cares enough about their child to be there, to begin with, would put up with that kind of mistreatment."

The NAACP says they plan to help Lucas fight these charges.

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