Chesterfield inventor creates revolutionary football gear

Updated: Mar. 16, 2015 at 5:45 PM EDT
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield garage could hold the key to helping medical personnel respond quicker. Local inventor Allen Bancroft came up with the Face Loc.

"Just this quick, without even really moving the helmet at all. I can quickly remove the facemask and now the athletic trainers or the emergency personnel have immediate access to the airway, face, whatever they need to do to attend to that patient," say Bancroft during a demonstration of the product.

Bancroft is also the maker of the Noggin Loc. He showed it to us 2 years ago.

During that demonstration he said, "ok, I'm going to be really careful and I'm going to swing this around because i want to make sure it doesn't fall off."

The Noggin Loc is a new helmet restraint that keeps the chin strap attached to the helmet- and ultimately keeps the helmet from popping off a player's head.

Since we first told you about the Noggin Loc, Bancroft's now partnered with the prestigious Andrews Research and Education Foundation, which is testing his ideas and helping to get them on the market.

"We're selling it to the high schools and little leagues and hopefully college and NFL this year." Said David Lowman. He's a sports marketing agent for past clients like Michael Vick and Ronald Curry.

He says Bancroft's invention really resonate with a key audience: moms.

"Because they love their boys. they love their kids and they want them to be safe," says Lowman.

For Bancroft, safety in a sport he and America loves is the goal.

"There's nothing we're going to do here in this lab is ever going to prevent a concussion. The thing we can do is hopefully protect that athlete as much as possible with the best equipment we can put on these athletes."

The FaceLoc is still being tested. He hopes to have it on the market in the next year.

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