School systems crackdown on Valentine's candy in school

School systems crackdown on Valentine's candy in school

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The days of lollipops and candy hearts in classrooms seem to be coming to an end.

Richmond-area parents complained about rules restricting them from sending candy with their kids to school. A Henrico mother even called it a "candy ban. School officials say while students are allowed to bring snacks for themselves, it's true that no candy or snacks are allowed to be shared in class due to allergy concerns.

Chesterfield parents were also told not to bring candy treats. The school system has policies in place for due to both allergy and nutrition reasons. Still, the change in school day traditions was hard for some parents to swallow.

"Candy is the best part of Valentine's Day," said Heidi Marie Strange. "Everything is getting ridiculous. Next thing you know they want to start making every kid wear a uniform, and use only one color folder or book bag. Can we please just let the kids express themselves like we all used to back in the day? Can we just go back to the 90s?"

The death of Amarria Johnson in 2012 at Chesterfield's Hopkins Elementary School after ingesting a peanut is just one case which shows the potentially deadly consequences of shared snacks in the classroom.

"My kids are in Chesterfield and they implemented the no candy rules several years ago after the death of a sweet little girl," wrote Lisa Puccio on the NBC12 News Facebook page. "It's really not a problem. Now, instead of candy, the kids get little gifts. It's not like they don't celebrate the holiday or miss out on giving to their classmates, it's just different and the kids are fine with it."

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