Health Scare at Richmond International Airport

Health Scare at Richmond International Airport

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - New information: Henrico Fire and airport officials have told NBC12 Ebola has been ruled out in this case.

American Airlines Flight 2984 from Chicago to Richmond sat on the tarmac of RIC for more than an hour Friday, after the airport initiated its Ebola response protocol. First responders boarded the plane, and escorted a mother and her two children to VCU Medical Center.

"They had masks on and they took a woman and her two children off, and they put masks on them as well," said Mike Bucci who snapped pictures of the emergency crews.

A teenage passenger experienced high fever and abdominal pain, hours after beginning a trip to the United States from Nigeria. The family flew from Nigeria to London, eventually making their way to Chicago and then to Richmond.

"He was in the bathroom right behind us vomiting," said Brandon who was traveling with his little toddler when the pilot announced the officials were operating under Ebola protocol.

"Oh no!" thought Brandon. "Not good."

Richmond International Airport Spokesman Troy Bell said the airport had advanced notice from the flight en-route to Richmond, preparing medical officials when the flight landed around 6:53 p.m. The woman and her two children were taken off the plane in masks. Witnesses say several ambulances and people in hazmat suits were seen outside of the plane.

"And so then everyone started getting nervous," said Brandon. "That's when the talk started on the plane."

Passengers were released shortly after 8 p.m.

Chicago is one of the five pre-screening airports for Ebola, but Nigeria is not one of the countries on the CDC list of concern.

Henrico Fire and Airport officials tell NBC12 the teen was transported to VCU medical center and after reviewing patient history they were able to rule out Ebola.

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