RVA radio host on Bill Cosby rape allegations: Media acting as court of law

RVA radio host on Bill Cosby rape allegations: Media acting as court of law

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - At least four women are now publicly claiming Bill Cosby drugged, then sexually assaulted them. Richmond radio personality Clovia Lawrence calls the comedian a friend, and she is speaking out about the recent rape allegations.

"He was a father to all of us!," said Lawrence with a smile. "I love jello because of him.

Lawrence takes it personal. Bill Cosby, the man Lawrence calls a mentor and friend, now finds himself at the center of several rape allegations.

"If there is the possibility of any truth in it," said Lawrence. "I hope he gets the help that he needs."

Lawrence remembers the first time she met the comedian. It was during the Cosby Show era.

"He has the greatest sweaters in the world," Lawrence recalls. "We were on the set."

She says she'll never forget that trip to New York, and she'll never forget Cosby's trip here to Richmond. Gov. Doug Wilder, Community Clovia, and the comedian kicked off an education tour.

"It was all about education, and what we need to do to build our communities," said Lawrence. "All of us need to be involved."

Community Clovia also had Cosby in studio for his "call it how it is" take on challenges in the Black community. She has not been pleased with the recent coverage of the controversy.

"Just because you will not communicate with the media doesn't mean that you are guilty," said Lawrence. "The media has done the conviction. Now the media is the court of law."

Cosby is 77-years-old. He has never been charged with a crime and denies all the allegations.

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