Hawk trapped in Glen Allen craft store

GLEN ALLEN, VA (WWBT) - It was a typical day at Michael's on West Broad Street in Glen Allen Thursday when an unusual customer came through the door.

"He flew in with the songbird," said Richmond Wildlife Center found, Melissa Stanley.
A Cooper's Hawk after some lunch took his pursuit inside the store.
"Unfortunately the songbird did become his meal," said Stanley.
But the story doesn't end there. The hawk, now with a full belly, became trapped inside the store.

That's when the Richmond Wildlife Center was called in, but their first attempt Friday didn't work.
"Unfortunately at that time given the layout and architecture of that building, we were unsuccessful in using low level techniques to capture the hawk," said Stanley.
So they took it up a notch the next day. The store was closed, and the team brought in some tools. 
"Utilizing a trap and some audio of a sterling that attracted the hawk to the trap, and within less than 20 minutes the trap worked and we caught the hawk and successfully removed him from the store," said Stanley.

The hawk was brought to the Richmond Wildlife Center to be assessed by the veterinary team. The hawk was a little dehydrated, so they gave him some fluids. By Sunday he was healthy enough to be released back into the wild.
"We did return back to the Michael's location. Behind that building is a wonderful small ecosystem wonderful trees, hardwood, a water source, and that's where he was released and he took off and was ready to go home," said Stanley.
If you ever see a wild animal in trouble, contact The Richmond Wildlife Center. The nonprofit is run solely on donations.

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