Search continues for missing Chesterfield woman

Search continues for missing Chesterfield woman

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - She's been gone four months, but the search for missing Chesterfield woman Zulma Pabon is still in full swing.

Several neighbors and friends who lived near Zulma Pabon now telling us that her live-in boyfriend and child's father John Gibbs has moved out of their home.

It's been months and still there are no answers. Chesterfield Police are once again calling on the public to share anything that they may have seen the weekend Zulma Pabon disappeared without a trace.

"She was a very sweet person, a very loving person. For somebody to just go missing its very sad," said Debbie Sweatt, Zulma's former manager at Sheltering Arms.

Emotionally distraught and torn by the disappearance of their former co-worker, Debbie Sweatt and Michelle Lambour reached out with hopes of inspiring those who might have information on Zulma's whereabouts to come forward.

"We just ask that everybody think back to the last time you saw her, the last time you thought about her any little clue, anything that would help find her," said Sweatt.

The home once occupied by Zulma and her child's father is now vacant. There is no word on where he has gone.

Police circulated a time line back in July - It starts with the last time Zulma was seen on June 6. From there, it shows security camera photos of John Gibbs, the father of Zulma's young son, walking back to the home that he and Zulma shares just 14 minutes after her car was seen leaving.

Police believe the car wasn't taken far, because security video at a nearby storage facility captured what appeared to be Zulma's car being pulled by a pickup truck. Nearly 24 hours later, that car was located at the Greenleigh Mobile Home Park.

"We are still actively investigating this around the clock," said Detective Chris Rizzuti.

Rizzuti works in the Chesterfield Crime Solvers Unit. They are heavily encouraging the public to send tips to them - everything remains anonymous.

"Any little bit of information you think you may have whether its about her whereabouts who she has been with the vehicle, anything let Crime Solvers know," said Rizzuti.

Zulma's friends and family are still holding on to hope after all these months that the loving mother and nurse will be brought home safely.

"There are people who care that she is gone and want her to be found," said Lambour.

If you have information regarding Zulma's case or any other missing person in Chesterfield County, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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