Richmond SCAN responds to Peterson allegations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local child advocate supports the decision by the Minnesota Vikings to keep Adrian Peterson off the field following allegations of child abuse, but he's wary of the team's motives.

Ian Danielson, a licensed clinical social worker and coordinator at Greater Richmond SCAN works with child victims of abuse every day. "It's very clear this child was severely traumatized," he said. "We've seen instances where the league and individual teams need to go from being concerned about their sponsors and more concerned for their children."

Danielson hopes that this case will lead to the creation of set policies regarding violence that all players have to follow, "where all players know equally going in that physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence in general is unacceptable to all."

While the focus remains on Peterson, Danielson says to not forget it's the child who needs attention.

"We can use it as a lesson to be more protective more, child centered, more responsive, and make it about the needs of the child rather than just the liability of the player or the league," he said.

Danielson also encourages everyone to beware of signs of abuse around them -- abrupt changes in behavior or emotional responses. He says to act on hunches and contact child protective services.

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