Politifact Virginia: Cantor on immigration

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In his campaign for re-election, Congressman Eric Cantor is running hard to the right and he is hoping republican primary voters view him as having a hard line on immigration.

In a mail piece Cantor says he is stopping the "Obama Reid" plan to give illegal aliens amnesty. But is he using the right language?

According to Politifact Virginia, Cantor calling the democrat immigration reform plan "amnesty" is "mostly false".

According to Reporter Sean Gorman, Cantor is going a bit too far.

"First of all the path to citizenship is a lot more rigorous than Cantor lets on. And is also not fair to call it a "liberal" plan when it came out of the bi-partisan Gang of 8 and in addition the measure garnered sizeable republican support when it came up for a vote in the senate as well," said Gorman.

You can read more on politifactvirginia.com.

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