Grow a garden on your balcony

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For people living in apartments and townhomes, gardening can be quite a challenge. One personal gardening coach has figured out ways for you to grow whatever you want in tight spaces - all while spending very little out of pocket.

Kevin Cutlip helps his clients use their limited space effectively. The first thing he examines is your sunlight. If you get six hours of light on your balcony or patio, you can grow almost anything.

The racks were once part of a grocery store display.

"They have these racks and they want them gone," said Cutlip.

Ask for the receiving manager - that's how Cutlip gets his for free.

"I put the gutters up on the wall, drilled holes in them and we've planted in the gutters," said Cutlip.

The gutters are secured with L brackets and tie wraps with a screen mesh beneath the soil for drainage. This brick wall now holds romaine lettuce, kale and onions.

"This is all her cold crops right now, and then she can go in with the stubby carrots, radishes even peppers because the roots don't have to get that big," said Cutlip.

A 10-foot planter only costs $11 to make.

"This is a dwarf'll get 3 foot by 3 foot."

This potted plant will produce edible fruit.

"In the fall, the leaf color's going to be gorgeous, some oranges and magentas."

Want to start seeds inside? An old water cooler jug becomes a home to dozens of tulip bulbs.

"I've done it with onions in a 2 liter bottle," said Cutlip.

An old vase becomes a tiki torch to give ambiance to your small space. Cutlip "upcycles" anything he can to avoid waste.

"Use what you have and stop throwing stuff away. You can grow in anything, literally grow in anything."
Cutlip's website details his expertise he's developed over the years. Get the knowledge before you plant here:

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