Richmond officer's act of kindness goes viral

Source: Richmond Police Department
Source: Richmond Police Department

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond police officer's act of kindness is going viral. Officer Jordan Clark was photographed pushing a disabled man in a broken-down, motorized wheelchair- the chair weighing several hundred pounds.

Chris Ford's wheelchair ran out of power, Saturday. He was returning from a dialysis treatment, and several trips to the pharmacy.

"I started losing power in my chair, so I said, 'I hope I make it home," said Ford.

Ford, 60, couldn't wheel the chair himself. The wheels are difficult to turn without power. Instead, Ford was stranded on the side of the road for three hours, in the cold. Some passerby's tried to help, but weren't strong enough to push the heavy, mechanical chair, and the 160-pound man in it.

"People were stopping to try to come and help me, but they couldn't push the chair," continued Ford.

Thankfully, Officer Clark didn't think twice about lending his strength, and his heart. The second-year policeman, and seven-year marine, did the only thing natural to him- push.

"'Let's go man. Strap in. We're going for a ride,'" said Officer Clark to Ford.

"I tell you, he was God-sent to me. That's what he was. He was God-sent to me," reiterated Ford.

Officer Clark pushed Ford several blocks to catch the bus. Once Clark got off the bus, the 25-year-old officer pushed him again, the rest of the way to his home. Ford says in total, it was about a mile trek. "He really went out of the realm of what he needed to do."

However, Officer Clark views the whole scenario as "routine."

"I think it was nothing out of the ordinary, as far as policing in general, at least in this city," said the humble officer. "I think everybody has a kind, open heart."

"He was the best police officer I ever saw," concluded a very grateful Ford.

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