January 16 RESTAURANT REPORT: new life for old restaurant

SANDSTON, VA (WWBT) - An old restaurant is getting a new lease on life with a new owner and staff. But they had to correct some violations during a health inspection that they say were left behind by their predecessors.

There's a new team at Kasey's Kitchen, 5550 Williamsburg Road in Sandston. Childhood friends Kevin Burch, who just bought the place, and Chef Big Sam Thomas, cooking the meals.

"The favorite would be Big Sam's fish dinner," Thomas told us.

They had just taken over when the restaurant had five critical violations on a health inspection.

Explained Thomas, "Before I came in, we had people in place that just weren't aware of where things should go."

So Thomas showed us he corrected food temperature problems by moving raw meats and hash browns to a cooler, and by packing the sandwich table with ice. "The ice is changed every two hours, so that makes sure everything is nice and cold," he showed us.

He devised a log sheet to make sure pancake batter is replaced every few hours. And he fixed one last problem: the report said potatoes were found on the floor.

"The potatoes were on the floor because when they were brought in, someone just dropped them on the floor. But as you can see," he said, showing us a container sitting elevated on a rack, "we're keeping our produce over here. Our potatoes are now stored in this bin right here."

And Thomas says, moving forward, things will be done right. "Mistakes were made in the past. But I can guarantee you that they won't happen again."

Next up is Hyatt Place at 13148 Kingston Avenue in Chesterfield, with five critical violations, including milk past its consume-by date in the fridge. The report says violations were corrected during the inspection.

We're giving the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Mimi's Café at 11275 West Broad Street in Short Pump. This French inspired restaurant has aced its last four health inspections in a row.