Richmond ballot-counting questioned as votes reviewed

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Election Day ballot count is being called into question by both Republicans and Democrats. People involved in the balloting process tell NBC12 that there is some speculation over certain precincts, voting machines, and written ballots. The Richmond Electoral Board has been pouring over ballots all day. Representatives from both parties say they want to make sure no vote has been overlooked.

Election officials say the concerns being raised aren't uncommon. The election process is far from over after election night. The city's electoral board begins what they call a canvass, when a team combs through voting machines, including written and provisional ballots. It's all to make sure no oversights were made.

"The results that come in on election night are wholly unofficial. They're done by very tired people, in a very short period of time, and that's why we have what we call the canvass. That is what the electoral board has been doing ever since Wednesday," explained Kirk Showalter, Richmond's General Registrar.

The Richmond Electoral Board will meet Monday to discuss more concerns, and how to potentially address them. The electoral board wouldn't get specific on what exact uncertainties, by which parties, are being raised. If any major outcomes change, we'll bring you that information first.

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