New Confederate Flag hardly visible along I-95

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Confederate Flag we've talked about for weeks is now flying near I-95 in Chester. This comes as another group raised an American Flag near City Hall.

Lifetime Chester resident Jennifer Wells says this brand new 15 by 20 Confederate Flag flying near the interstate represents a rich history. She supports the cause.

"Both races have passed fighting this war so to me," said Wells. "It's heritage. It's not hate."

Brian Cannon with United RVA disagrees. He says this reminds Richmonders of the difficult history surrounding slavery. That's why he made sure the stars and stripes of the American Flag flew high.

"The Confederate Flag is at best a symbol of four years of our 400 years of history in Virginia," said Cannon. "It doesn't represent us at all. At best, that flag is a divisive symbol in a community. At worst, it's a symbol of hatred, bigotry, slavery, and an unwelcome sign to Richmond."

"I don't think it means that for everybody," Wells noted. "They can't group us all into the same thing as the KKK. For a lot of us, it just means southern history - not necessarily anything to do with slavery."

This large American Flag swayed in the wind near City Hall on Broad street.  After nearly 24,000 people signed an online petition opposing the flying of the confederate flag along I-95 on private property.

"We were so excited about that," Cannon added. "It basically said the Confederate Flag going up on I-95 doesn't represent us."

With all the chatter leading up to the flag flying Saturday, Wells and others thought it would be more visible.

"I definitely thought it was going to be bigger," Wells commented. "I definitely thought you'd be able to see it from I-95. You can't"

I also drove by it on the interstate and had to look for it in between the trees. Even though it's not quite the spectacle many expected, it's enough to get people fired up on both sides of a sensitive issue.

United RVA wants to permanently hang their flag somewhere along I-95. Plans for that are still being finalized.

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