Vote expected on future of Chesterfield

Good morning it's Gray. Here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today.

We saw 80s yesterday but get ready for 90s today. Andrew is tracking the forecast.

A vote on the future of Chesterfield County is expected tonight. We could see the green light for projects delayed nearly a decade. Better schools and safety top the agenda for county leaders. The big question, does Chesterfield have the money to pay for the improvements?

We are tracking Breaking News from overnight. Two children kidnapped by their parents and taken to Cuba are back in the U.S. this morning.

Developing this morning, we're on standby for the launch of a North Korean missile. There are a lot of questions about what North Korea has planned, what they're going to launch, what it will carry and how far it will fly. We will keep you posted on what happens.

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