12 Investigates: Family finds lead in bathtub

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond family says an NBC12 investigation may have saved their newborn baby from a lifetime of health problems.

Last summer, we told you about a young child in Woodland Heights - poisoned by the lead in his bathtub.

One of our viewers, a mother-to-be, saw our report and discovered her bathtub was also filled with lead. This is the second case we've found - and there are more homes out there.

Kelly Beazley said it was one of the great things about the house, but now it has to go.

"It was absolutely shocking," said Beazley.

Kelly and her husband are newlyweds. They bought their home in the near West End last summer. It was built in the 1930's.

"Saw your story, and we were absolutely shocked that something so innocuous and everyday as a bath tub could actually be harming our child," said Beazley.

We featured a family in Richmond, who's young child was poisoned by his bathtub.

"The idea that we sat and let our baby take a bath in a lead tub is pretty disheartening," said Melanie Ebsary.

The Beazleys knew their tub was original to the house. They ran out and bought a lead testing kit.

"We went to the local hardware store, bought a kit, and low and behold, it showed up that we had a ton of lead."

Kelly's son Jack is now a healthy 7-month-old.

"I absolutely want to thank the family who alerted the viewers. It never would have occurred to us, our little baby would have bathed in this bathtub for year and year and years."

We are often told to look for lead paint or dust - not bathtubs. The original porcelain glazed tubs of homes, built before 1978, could be leaching lead and should be checked.

The Beazley's bath tub will be removed later this month.

"We're so grateful for 12's news team and for 12 being on our side. The tub could have potentially damaged our child and caused life long effects, and without you, all we never would have known."

To check the tub in your home, pick up a lead testing kit. You only need to if the tub is original to the house and it was built before 1978.

They sell them at your local hardware stores and even at places like Walmart or Target for anywhere between $12 and $50.

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