VIRAL: Cyclists struck by deer at Pocahontas State Park

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Video of a cyclist getting struck by a deer in Chesterfield during a recent race is going viral.

The video was posted by Jeff Plassman on his YouTube page Monday. In just 48 hours it has picked up 40,000 views.

The helmet-cam video starts with a pack of cyclists speeding through the trails at Pocahontas State Park as part of the Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race this past Sunday.

There's a slight gap between him and the rest of the pack and as they reach a clearing, when a deer comes out of nowhere to smash right into him.

Jeff, who posted the clip on his YouTube page, wrote that he broke a couple of spokes on his bike.

"I'm busted up a little bit, but I've had much worse injuries from biking. Crazy stuff," he commented.

Similar incidents have gone viral before. Video of a biker in South Africa went viral a couple years ago when he got leveled by a Red Hartebeest.

In both cases, we know the people were okay, but don't know how the animals fared.

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