Man abandons moving car in police chase

Amonte Speid
Amonte Speid

CHURCH HILL, VA (WWBT) - A man jumps out of his moving car during a police chase, causing it to crash into several parked cars.

This happened in the 400 to 600 blocks of 27th Street in Church Hill as trick-or-treaters were heading home.

Sean Priest lives in the 500 block of 27th Street and had just finished giving out candy when he heard a crash.

"We thought it was gunshots, we all got down," said Priest.

Officers say the suspect, 19-year-old Amonte Speid, bailed from a moving car at an intersection. Speid's car kept going for two more blocks, hitting nine cars along the way.

"I was sitting right here and I was five feet from the car, just rolling past, nobody in there," says Priest.

Neighbors watched as nine parked cars were hit, including two belonging to Jamie Bright's girlfriend.

"I came out here and there was a cop car with the sirens on and they were chasing the guy down the street," he said.

As Speid's car kept rolling, neighbors say one officer tried to use his cruiser as a barrier.  The suspect's car finally came to stop against the ninth car.

Now, Speid is facing several charges including felony of eluding police. Neighbors say they are amazed that nobody was hurt.

"If you got something wrong with you, just take it like a man. Don't just hop out of the car and cause a bunch of property damage and potentially hit people, especially with kids walking around," said Bright.

Officers told neighbors whose cars were hit to fill out a police report, meaning Speid could be facing more charges. Richmond Police say this all started when they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation.

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