Bomber may have targeted police in Fredericksburg, Stafford

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Three homemade bombs set off in Fredericksburg and Stafford County may have been targeting police officers.

Police are searching for a suspect in the Tuesday morning attacks. Fredericksburg police say the bombings were connected.

Police haven't confirmed any suspects or motives. However, published reports suggest the bomber was after police officers. Sources told the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star Stafford Sheriff's deputies lived in the two homes hit there. Neighbors of the Fredericksburg home confirm a Stafford deputy rented a room from the woman who owns the home a while back. Fredericksburg police also say the blast wasn't meant for the lady who lives here.

"The resident of this house, we don't believe was the intended target," said Bledsoe.

The first explosion happened on Normandy Avenue in Fredericksburg around 4 a.m. The woman who lives there alone with her dog, escaped unharmed. The blast rocked the neighborhood.

"It was just like a big boom, but it had a low base to it, so it woke me up," said Christine Baldwin, who lives a few houses down from the home.

Police say smoke filled the house. Authorities wouldn't comment on whether the bomb was launched into the home, or if it was planted.

"We still have evidence technicians inside the house, collecting evidence, specifically the remnants of that device," said Fredericksburg police public information officer Natatia Bledsoe.

Authorities declined to describe the homemade bomb. However, the explosion was so powerful, it shattered windows in the front and back of the house, and even blew a small hole through the roof.

Within two hours after that explosion, two more homemade bombs erupted in Stafford County. The explosions happened outside homes in the Kings Grant subdivision and the Country Ridge subdivision. No one was injured in those incidents, with most of the damage being to the outside of the homes.

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