Red light cameras are now "Live" in Petersburg

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Red light traffic cameras are now up and running in Petersburg.

Several high tech cameras were installed last month at intersections with a high number of red light runners.

Despite the cameras going live tickets aren't being handed out, at least not yet.

There's a 30-day grace period before police will begin ticketing violators.

Right now, the police department is trying to get the word out by posting photo enforcement signs and hosting community presentations about the cameras.

Police say, the equipment has already captured 250 possible driving infractions.

The cameras are installed at the intersections of Washington and Adams Streets, as well as, Crater and Wagner Roads.

"There have been a lot of accidents in this area," said one motorist.

While at Crater and Wagner, NBC 12 caught a motorist who didn't stop. She slammed into another driver. No one was injured.

The speed limit is 35 miles per hour at Wagner and Crater but our radar caught some people breaking the speed limit.

The cameras can snap shots of license plates and capture video six seconds before and six seconds after a red light.

The goal is to reduce the high number of traffic infractions at the two sites, say police.

Drivers say the cameras are needed.

"A lot of people do shoot out - even though it has a sign that says 'no turn on red' they turn anyway. People don't stop, they come flying up Crater Road. There's always something going on at this intersection," the motorist added.

Police say the cameras aren't costing taxpayers a dime. The company that owns the equipment, Redflex Traffic Systems, is paid a percentage out of fines collected.

The grace period will conclude at midnight on October 29.

Police plan to go out into the community to talk more about the cameras. That first meeting is Monday night at 6:30 at the Walnut Hill Elementary School.

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